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Find the difference – iphone/itouch app.

Game Review I just have to tell you about this new iphone application by @Zaam – its called Find The Difference. You know the sort of thing, you have two almost identical pictures in which you touch the screen where the difference is.  As soon as I started playing I was addicted, as you have to keep trying until you ... Read More »

The internet is for porn?

Two very bizarre sites have appeared on the internet in the last year. which are both very unsettling; two new ways to get lucky on the internet. They are poorly labelled as Social networking sites or chat forums, which gives Social networking a whole new meaning.    Someone once said that “The internet is for porn”   I feel that these sites are worse than your standard porn ... Read More »

Love on the Net

We all know the film “You’ve Got Mail”  its one of my favourites – about how two people who fell in love on the internet, although fraught with problems, they lived happily ever after. What do I know? That’s what we all want isn’t it – our own happy-ever-after? Well it does seem that you can find it on the ... Read More »

Dropbox – A good use of cloud computing.

When @Lucasblack mentioned on Twitter what he was doing with Dropbox I was immediately excited (it doesn’t take much I know) and I downloaded it instantly. What is Dropbox In case you don’t know yet, (Its been around since 2007 and I admit that I missed it) Dropbox is a file hosting service which uses cloud computing so that you ... Read More »

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