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Video won’t kill the blogging star.

Every now and then some one will say that blogging is in the past and vlogging is the future. (Like garlic bread?)  They’ve been saying this for years, and there are still more and more blogs, so I wonder if it will ever happen.  If you’ve been hiding in the cupboard and don’t know what vlogging is, here is the ... Read More »

Facebook message about Spam

After a recent AVG update I noticed that when I was posting a link on Facebook, occasionally this message came up…..You appear to be using a browser plug-in that attaches spam to your Facebook posts. To complete your post, please remove this browser plug-in or switch to a different computer. For more information, please see the Help Centre.This is all due ... Read More »

Writer’s quest.

When I first met Claude Bouchard on Twitter I thought what a nice guy! He has lots of followers and always answers tweets (messages) seems to have time for anyone.  I’m not sure how we met, but I guess it was through writing, he’s a published author and I’ve written a book so am often talking about editing my work. ... Read More »

Sparkling New Brizzly Social Media Reader

In December 2009 I trialled the Brizzly Social Media reader – here –   if you need help signing up to it, help is there.     When I used Brizzly Beta at that time, I decided that although I liked the features that it had to offer, I couldn’t cope with the slowness and lag, and I didn’t really like the layout ... Read More »

Best Camera N8 or iphone? Who Cares.

There has been a lot of controversy this weekend about which mobile phone has a better camera , or more importantly takes better photographs, namely the Nokia N8 and the Apple iphone. Although its not just now, comparing camera’s on camera phones is always going on, I don’t get it! If you want a high quality photograph, buy a camera! ... Read More »

What an exciting day for a certain teenager – Twifficiency

What an exciting day for a certain teenager its been today…… For me it started like this – I logged to twitter this morning and I immediately noticed trusted friends tweeting their Twifficiency scores, ooh I thought, that’s new, the scores are low, I wonder what it means. And I, like lots of other people clicked on the link to ... Read More »

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