Best Games in 30 Years of Gaming

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In the last 30 years of gaming what do you think were the most successful video games?

Have you been gaming that long? I know I have and seeing this interactive infographic by MeccaBingo makes you feel very old. Especially when you realise that the original Mario Bros game about Mario the Italian-American plumber came out in 1983 on the Atari – oh and what a wonderful arcade game we thought that was, playing it late into the night.

The first video games

Of course video games didn’t first appear 1983 there were games as far back as the 1950’s that were played on huge computers. However, gaming wasn’t super popular until the 1970’s when we first saw PONG and later that century we got Space Invaders which was a huge success on arcade cabinets and tables.  However it really kicked off in the 1980’s when we saw the second round of gaming computers, such as the Commodore and the Sinclair. Soon, gaming consoles were more available these were easier to set up and easier to use.   And wasn’t really until Mid 1980’s after Nintendo brought out the NES – Nintendo Entertainment System and we had Super Mario Bros that they came into their own.  As you will see from the graphic, Super Mario Bros sold 42.24 million copies!

Hand Held Consoles

The first hand held consoles weren’t really popular until Nintendo brought out the Gameboy in 1989 – (I still have my first one) And the most popular game at that time was Tetris, in grey black and white! Can you believe that Tetris is 25 years old!  Nintendo handheld consoles went from strength to strength are still popular today with the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS 

30 years of Gaming

Check out this infographic of The most successful video games in the last 30 years, and tell us if you agree – do you think some have been missed out?

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What was your favorite game in these past 30 years of gaming? Was it included in the most successful games, or did you like different games. I must say most of my favorites are here apart from in the last year – its all been about PC ( Final Fantasy – A realm reborn ) and Mobile Gaming ( Puzzle Dungeon) for me. Is that another post maybe, are gaming consoles on the way out? 🙂