Saturday , 1 October 2016
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Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter

Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter

Today Twitter announced that they are finally allowing us longer tweets.  Twitter told us in a blog post in May that they were going to be allowing longer tweets and other updates that were coming that will make changes in the way we tweet.  Today we got some more of those updates. Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter So, its ... Read More »

Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine

Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine

Last night Peter Hollens the singer and producer most known for his awesome Capella covers over on YouTube was distraught last night, when hacking group who say they are not hackers but just testing his security attacked many of his social media accounts. We love Peter Hollens and we were upset to read a tweet from Peter that all he ... Read More »

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users again

hoax message (1)

I’m sorry to be writing about Whatsapp again so soon and I’m sorry that it’s about yet ANOTHER Whatsapp hoax message but I had to warn you that there is a new scam going around – because I’ve seen it so many times already!   Its similar to the last one Whatsapp 4.0.   This Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam is fooling users ... Read More »

Not ads on WhatsApp, but sharing data to Facebook – How to opt out.

whatsapp ads how to opt out

It was announced today from WhatsApp, that Whatsapp will be sharing your personal information with Facebook including your phone number to allow businesses to communicate with users. There are lots of headlines floating around saying that we are going to get ads on Whatsapp. This does not appear to be the case. In today’s Whatsapp blog, they stated that they haven’t made ... Read More »

Whats going on – No Mans Sky

Whats going on- 1

Whats going on – No Mans Sky was launched on PS4 on Monday 8th August and will be available on PC by Friday the 12th of August. No Mans Sky was developed by Hello Games a small team of around 15 people who have been working on the game for 4 years. The game has been out for 2 days ... Read More »

How to turn off Facebook live notifications

how to turn off Facebook live notifications

Now that Facebook’s live streaming feature is available to everyone, some people aren’t very happy about getting so many notifications.  Well, I have good news for you – you can simply turn off Facebook live notifications. But first… How to livestream on Facebook Or maybe you didn’t even realise that you can livestream using Facebook’s app.  You cannot do it from ... Read More »

At last ! Create great designs from Canva on your iPhone

canva on your iphone

Canva was founded in 2012, they launched in Beta in 2013  after getting some funding and quickly became very popular, which is not a surprise because Canva is a very easy to use FREE design tool.  I wrote about Canva on my business blog in 2014 – telling everyone about the Free Design Tool.     So now we have ... Read More »

Permissions, Privacy and Safety – Pokemon Go

Permissions, Privacy and Safety - Pokemon Go

Anyone concerned about what privacy they have or what permissions they allow on their mobile phones seem not to care anymore since downloading Pokemon Go which is a free app on Android and iOS. If you’ve not heard about it ….. haha – Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality Game from Nintendo, The Pokémon Co., and developer Niantic Labs.  The aim ... Read More »

Stop Sharing Hoax Post on Facebook About Retaining Control

Facebook Hoax

Yet again people are sharing a hoax post on Facebook about retaining control over things that you share on Facebook – we see these spam posts time and time again and still people are sharing. And frankly its just annoying. This one isn’t any different that the ones before. Basically it says Deadline tomorrow – well its already been floating ... Read More »

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