Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile

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Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile The question – Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile, is often asked – we’d like to know if our crush is looking at our Facebook account or if that stalker is viewing your pictures or comments on Facebook.  We want to know this so much that we are willing to believe scams that tell us that we can see who has looked at our Facebook timeline.

Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile

From the horses mouth ….. Common Myths About Facebook

Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile – Third party apps cannot provide this functionality – Facebook ask you here to report the app that is telling you that you can see who viewed your facebook profile.  The same goes for your timeline – you can’t see who views your timeline or your photos, posts anything.  Infact you should be very careful what you click on Facebook – as there are scams on Facebook like this one – Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook

We also were asked about Twitter  Can you see who’s looking at your Twitter Profile?


There are a view videos or blog posts that suggest you look in the source file for – InitialChatFriendsList – to see who is looking at your Facebook profile, but I’d say the clue is in the name. Chat Friends List – The source file gives you a string of numbers that are facebook profiles – of people that you have EVER chatted with or are able to chat with.  I’ve researched my list and the top 20 are definitely people that I have chatted with on Facebook chat – some a long long time ago – as you get further down the list there are people that I am just friends with.

I have seen people on other websites saying that people that they are not friends with have come up in their InitialChatFriendsList – I wonder if these people are FOLLOWING them rather than are friends with them.

Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile

How to check who is following you on Facebook

Go to your profile

  • Click Friends
  • Click More
  • Click Followers

We do know that there are many many apps or web services who claim that they can tell you if you mum is watching your every move on Facebook or that your Ex is watching what you do or say – but according to Facebook this is not at all possible and most of these apps or services just want your details so that they can either steal your Facebook password or information from you as they render you with a virus or some sort of malware. And if they could do this then they are braking Facebook rules so by using these apps you could maybe chance losing your Facebook profile – just report them and move on.

If you are concerned about who is looking at your status updates – then adjust your privacy settings or when you create a post make sure you post it only to friends and not public.  Yes, privacy is difficult in our technological age but these settings are there for you to use as best you can.

How to set your posts to only friends on Facebook 

Click on the drop down menu at the bottom of the status update box – on mine it says public as most of mine are set to public unless I change them.

Click Friends

facebook friends


You could even change people to acquaintances instead of friends (like mum or the ex) if for instance you don’t want to delete them from your friends but don’t want them seeing everything – and then you can post to all friends except acquaintances.

How to check the rest of your Facebook privacy settings

Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page

  • Click Settings
  • Click Privacy on the left
  • Click a setting to change or review it.

So, there you have it, if you have your settings sorted out you don’t have to worry about who is looking at your Facebook profile, because you don’t want them to see something you posted or to stroke your ego cos you know that guy you have a crush on is watching you –  you’ll just have to ask him out and be done with it, what’s the worst that can happen?

If you have any comments, ideas or questions please do post here in the comments or ask me on @techieminx on Twitter

I think this should help you to stop asking the question Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile – because no good can come of wanting to find out.