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Delete photos on (NEW DESIGN) YFrog – Part two

I wrote a post not so long ago about how to delete your photos from YFrog; due to the fact it took me a little while to find out. I’m pleased to say, that this post has helped out many people.

Recently I received this comment.

Looks like they’ve rebuilt the interface because i couldnt find any dropdown menu or any delete buttons.

How to remove pictures on Yfrog updated

So I hopped on over to Yfrog.  It seems things have indeed changed, in fact Yfrog recently had a complete overhaul on design with virtually a new product: you can tweet directly from their site, photos are more organised and it looks much more professional now.  This new design is apparently in beta and is being pushed out to people slowly so you may not have seen it yet.  It does look easier to use now, so hopefully people won’t have so much difficulty but just in case, this is how you remove photos now.

  1. Click Profile
  2. Click Photos (or videos)
  3. Do not click the picture – because when you hover over the photo that you wish to delete  you will see an X – click  – here to remove.

UPDATE  –  Another change to YFrog design, just a small one. 

Proceed to step 3. 

3. Still do not click the picture – but hover over it and you will see the trashcan, click that to delete. 

(thanks to an anonymous poster for letting me know) 

If you wish to remove the complete yfrog account go to settings which is on the drop down arrow next to profile and click delete account.

Looks like they have got rid of that ugly frog too !



Hope this  helps



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  • Affelacht

    How to delete yfrog account (New Design) ?

    • Affelacht

      I can’t see how to do that while logged in to it myself – but I’d just delete all the pictures, by highlighting and pressing the x – and then revoke access on your twitter account.

  • Alison

    Just tried deleting, yet they keep coming back!

    • Alison

      I have just seen on the yfrog that it takes up to an hour for the photos to disappear! Thank you for the info.

      • Yes it can take a while, you are welcome 🙂

  • Guest

    This really helped. Thank you so much!

    • Michelledh

      you are welcome fred 🙂

    • you are welcome 

  • guest

    the X doesn’t appear! what should I do?

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  • They don’t really disappear. All the photos / tweets do is disappear from YOUR timeline so YOU don’t see them. However, everyone else continues to see them, including deleted tweets! So plenty of ammunition for cyberbullies out there! Yfrog should be ashamed of itself for such a poor design. They have a “hide from” option but you cannot hide something from all of twitter.

  • pattystcroix

    thankx 🙂

  • nameless

    now the Trash icon is in other par of the mark of the photo so upload this.

    • Michelledh


    • Thanks I didn’t realised they had changed that. 

  • Alex

    thanks for your help, this has really helped me out

  • Juliansapone

    I can’t see the trashcan anymore, suggestions?

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