Empire Avenue iPhone and iPad application – Eav Mogul

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Empire Avenue iPhone and iPad application Eav Mogul

If you have been looking for a good iPhone or iPad application for the Social Media “game” Empire Avenue then you have found it. Eav Mogul is a FREE application or client by Korutech App Solutions that enables you to easily view and manage your portfolio on the stockmarket “game” Empire Avenue while on the move.

What is Empire Avenue

Just briefly, as I have already written a blog about Empire Avenue – Empire Avenue is an online game where you “play” the Empire Avenue stock market – buying and selling other players shares. You need to really be connected to many social networks such as Google+, Twitter Facebook Linkedin to get high dividends and a great share price and you need to be an active member of those networks to increase your network scores, its not enough just to be on Empire Avenue you do have to “Play”. The great thing about Empire Avenue is that there is a fantastic community to engage with – you don’t just leave it at buying and selling shares you get to know people and add them to your networks.

Empire avenue does need some attention if not daily, at least every few days, and to be able to keep up it is very useful to have an application on your phone so that you can manage your stocks and shares and see how you are performing while you are travelling or away from the PC. The best part for me is the bulk buy or sell feature on Eav mogul. Here you can easily increase your network activity and daily earnings straight from your phone.

EavMogul are currently working on a new update to the application which allows you to leave shout outs on Empire Avenue too, which are all important for engaging with new players, so I can’t wait for that!

Using Eav Mogul – You can view and manage

  • Your Portfolio
  • Your Shareholders
  • Recent arrivals
  • Leader board influencers

On these pages you can sort by many options – such as portfolio value or shares I own – you can find actual players by ticker (name) and you can filter by falling earners, or rising earners and many other options.

I just bought 100 more in Pirillo - I thought I was maxed! 🙂

If you have a large portfolio it seems a little slow at times – not often but at times –  but just be patient and it will work its magic. Although I may speak to @eavmogul about this as it could be something to do with the settings. I’ll keep you informed.

Update @eavmogul said. 

It is mainly because of a large portfolio – The cache tweaks how much profile info is pulled down at one time by setting cache time longer, the data you download survives a lot longer. The only risk is the prices get out of date

The other setting changes how many records are pulled in one call. It balances wait time with performance. Less records, less wait, but more API calls and more frequent short delays.

There are also Pro Features that you can buy which enable you to do other things such as leave shout outs on Twitter, set your status message and get more views.

I’ve used this application for most of the weekend and I really like it, its easy to use and has  many more options than I thought it would have.

I have news !!!

First this update from korutech app solutions blog

Second is this  tweet.


Working on a speed improvement for players with BIG portfolios. Hope to put into next update @EmpireAve @michelledh#SMRocketFuel #eavmogul

This is going to rock that rocket fuel 🙂

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.