The social networking game

Empire Avenue – The social networking game! Addicted already!

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Today I started an Empire Avenue account and have just spent far too long playing it; yes, something else to get addicted to.

The Social Media Exchange

Empire Avenue is the social networking game that allows you to buy and sell your friends and indeed gain new friends. This is the same as friending or following users.

It actually launched to the public in July 2010 so many of my friends and connections have already started their communities, and today I’ve been busily buying their shares.


The social networking game

Its free to join, you can join with your Facebook account or if you prefer – with your email address.

You then need to choose your own ticker symbol, I chose my twitter account name as I do for most things. Michelledh. Your account is then started.

The first thing to do is add your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Linkedin accounts.  These appear to take a few days to set up as some of mine aren’t showing yet and there is a question mark on the others.

As you go about your normal day using social networks and posting blogs etc –  the higher your share price goes up and then when more people buy your shares up they go again. The more you interact and share, the more you are worth. Interacting on Empire Avenue itself helps too, on the communities and posting shout outs.

Then you can add your blog and RSS feed, the blog needs to be endorsed by five people.  Which my hasn’t been yet… (hint)

Start investing

On Empire Avenue you use Eaves (The name for the virtual currency) to buy shares of others and this in turn connects you to that player, you can send them messages and there are many chat features too, mostly this seems to be for people begging you to buy their shares  though.

If you are unsure what to do, and you will be there is a intro video (wish I’d seen that first).

There are achievements to earn as in Foursquare and other similar games. These are mine so far, baring in mind I’ve just started today.

The social networking game

Find out what you are worth

Aside from creating more contacts, you are creating communities of people, and showing the world how good you are at interacting, sharing. Doesn’t matter if you have 5 followers on twitter or 500000 its what you do with them.

I suppose its another way of finding out what you are worth on line, a bit like your Klout score but much more detailed as you have to earn this worth, you can’t sit there and do nothing.  I am not sure how accurate the data is on these sites it, if at all  but we all love them, and Empire Avenue is enormous fun along the way.

The only downside I’ve found so far is that, the pages are slow at loading so what will happen when more users  join?

update 2016 – Empire Ave have now been acquired by Kred – so they are more into helping you become an influencer but its still amusing as The Social Networking Game, just don’t take it too seriously.

Hope this helps 🙂