Facebook Scam – Google+ Get Invite

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Surprise, Surprise –  there appears to be a few fake Google plus invite pages flying around facebook at the moment offering immediate access to Google+ who’s social network is currently running in beta with a limited amount of people.  I say that but a report from Mashable says that  there are now more than 10 million google+ users.

Every now and then Google opens up the network for a little while so that you can send out invites and people can accept, but its not for long and if you miss it you have to wait for the next one, when two come a long at once, oh no – that’s buses sorry.

This  facebook page hasn’t been around for very long but already it has 30k likes – I read some of the posts on there and one person said, Oh no this is a scam, can I still have a google+ invite though ?

There are hundred of comments giving out email addresses (nice) for anyone to see, I didn’t “like” the page but I could still see everyone’s email address and their full names – all I need now is your credit card details please?   A nice place for a hacker or scammer to get lots of information for further scams.  The website link on the Google+ Get Invite page just brings you back to the page, and there is no further information on there at all, apart from users email addresses.

By liking this page you have to allow many different permissions and one of them is where you allow the scammers to spam this to all of your followers.  Access my data at any time, love it!

If you are ever adding applications to Facebook, made sure you read the request for permission link carefully, and understand what it is able to do.

Google Plus – Direct Access

This is also another fake page circulating facebook called  Google Plus – Direct Access – which asks you to send the message out to 50 people asking them to join the page before you can join.

Once again, if in doubt, don’t click.

If you have clicked this remove your message, remove the link from your feed, tell people its a scam and remove the application (privacy settings) as it can send out messages at anytime to anyone from your account.

The only safe way to join Google+ is to join here – http://www.google.com/+/demo/ or get one of your friends to invite you.

Hope this helps