Facebook scam video – OMG I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video

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Rihanna OMG

OMG I just hate Rihanna after watching this video, has found its way to my friends facebook walls.

Scammers are using celebrities we like to get to us, this time its to watch Rihanna on youtube.   Scams are sometimes connected to celebrities because hackers know people just can’t wait to click that link without thinking, and by then its too late.

This particular scam has been around for ages now, its changed shape or form but essentially its always the same – this is what it looks like now…

As you see it tells you that you will LOST your all respect for RIHANNA after watching this, a tell-tail sign that its fake, its very bad English.

As many scams or hoaxes like this is actually a survey scam –  when you click the link it will take you to a survey – and you know the rest…. if you don’t, then read these! 🙂


These and many more are pretty much the same if not identical as the survey scam above, you don’t see a video at all but you are taken to a survey which if you complete the scammer gets paid for violating your page and  your friends and you get nothing.

Please try not to be fooled by these scams, I know its difficult if its something popular like this but ask yourself if the first place you would have heard about this would have been Facebook and not the news.

As precaution check your allowed applications.

Go to your Privacy Settings,  Apps and Websites – Edit Settings – Apps you use – and check which apps that you have allowed.

Also change your password.

Hope this helps

Picture Source – creative commons