Facebook to start charging – spam spreading again.

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No way!

Since the beginning of this year there have been various rumours about Facebook charging as from August 2011. There have been groups started up and posts shared.

This week we are seeing another type of  hoax viral message circulating Facebook that reads…

This looks like the old chain mails you used to or maybe do still get reporting that Hotmail are going to start charging unless you forward the email, and of course if you forward, you won’t get charged.  Yeah right.  Same thing here, its saying that if you share this message your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you. This just wouldn’t happen.

There has been no reports that Facebook are going to charge, and in the Telegraph today it says that Facebook has denied claims that it has plans to charge. Besides after the launch of Google+ this would be a very silly time to do it.

Don’t fall for it, and don’t copy it and paste it as your status.

Hope this helps

Photo from – http://www.flickr.com/photos/mugsy/358778610/