Saturday , 1 October 2016
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Fix for iPhone Twitter application not showing mentions

Twitter, iPhone and Android app not showing mentions for some users.

I’ve seen people talking about this, one person said they hadn’t had an @ message – mention for 4 days, when pressing the connect tab – button.

So searched twitter to find out how common it was, and I found quiet a few people complaining.

  • No mentions showing up
  • NO @ mentions on twitter
  • I’m not getting replies on twitter
  • My iPhone has gone bonkers
  • No refresh on the twitter application

Apparently twitter know about this and are working on a fix – I hope its quicker than the fix for unfollowing our followers for us

Here is the fix for iPhone iOS5

To get your mentions back you need delete the account that is not working and re-adding it to the application.

To remove your twitter account on the iPhone on iOS5

Go Settings – Twitter

Click the account that is not working – Press Delete Account

Confirm Deletion

Then go back to the first Twitter settings screen and press Add account

Then just type in your user name and password again – and it works – well it did for me.

Android users would be pretty much the same but I don’t have one right now to show you the steps.

Hope this helps


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  • Thanks, Michelle. This happened to a friend of mine’s iPhone Twitter account. Deleting account and re-adding worked although it was a pain. I’ve got 6 Twitter accounts on my Android phone but I’ve not had any issues as of yet. But to delete and re-add an account on Android:
    1) Whilst on Twitter Account’s Home screen click on the Menu Button
    2) Click Accounts.
    3) Click Manage Accounts
    4) Click on account you want to delete
    5) Scroll down to the bottom and Click “Remove account” then “OK” to confirm
    6) Once account is deleted you can then add a new account by clicking “Add account” in the account settings menu

    Ta dah!

    • Michelledh

      Thanks for that Ian that’s great! 🙂

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