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How to add your banner on the new Twitter profile pages


More changes on Twitter, what next ?

As you probably know Twitter has made some changes, see here if not -> Twitter announces new profile pages and iPad app –  You can now add your own Header image as would on Facebook or Google

I’m going to show you with some pictures to help –  how to change your banner, header or cover picture as we know it. I’m going to use my other twitter account as after the first time it looks slightly different.

How to add your banner image on

NB  – Click this link if you are look for instructions on ->>> how to add the 2014 header photo on Twitter

1)  Click on the Cog

2)  Click on settings

3) Click Design

4) Click Change Header

5)  Upload an image

Image minimum dimensions are 1252 x 626 <- it says minimum here but I’ve not used 1252 at all.

Maximum file size is 5MB

6) Click Save – this might take a little while

 7) Save changes at the bottom

8) Click Me  – which is now at the top, next to Discover,  to see your picture

And is done – you will notice that now your direct messages are also available by clicking the envelope on the ME tab.

For the new addition in the iPad application you need to download the update.

How to add your Banner image using the iPad application.

You need to start this time on the ME the tab

1) Click the Cog

2) Edit Profile

3) Header

4) Choose photo – move and scale

5) Save

And thats it.

I think I like the changes – but I am going to have to change my twitter backgrounds now as they just don’t look right.

Have fun changing your images.

Hope this hopes







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