How to easily clean up your Twitter stream

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Often people ask how best to safely clean up your twitter stream or how to manage your twitter followers.

On twitter I like to follow back as many people as I can – as I personally don’t feel its fair to expect someone to follow you if you aren’t reciprocating, its like a two way street.  Also I do not like to unfollow people unless its for a good reason. For instance, they joined twitter but then decided it wasn’t for them and stopped tweeting, or you realise that the person is actually a bot as they never @ mention anyone, and just throw out random tweets.

Twit Cleaner 

This is where Twit Cleaner comes in very useful – it will tell  you who these people are and allow you to choose who you want to unfollow, it does not twitter unfollow everyone automatically.  Twit Cleaner is free and very comprehensive.

You first need to log into Twit Cleaner and allow it Auth with your twitter account, so that it can go through your followers.

To do this click – Scan Me Now – then it will ask you if you want to tweet about Twit Cleaner, this is toally up to you – It doesn’t tweet anything without your knowledge, so in that sense its safe too.

Next you Authorize the application in Twitter – it will then run your scan, you don’t have to wait while it does that, as Twit Cleaner will DM you with a link.

Its funny how things are worded on there, I wouldn’t take it too seriously – and I would be careful going through it, in case there are people on there that you wouldn’t want to delete. Again, it doesn’t delete or unfollow automatically, its  your choice.

I haven’t ran a report from sometime now, and my report actually says this. 1675 of the 4830 tweets you are following are potentially garbage.  haha not very nice.

It lists people as

Potentially Dodgy Behaviour 

  • Multiple @s
  • Nothing but links
  • Repeating the same URLs
  • Posting identical tweets
  • App Spam
  • Uses Advertising Networks
  • Uses @spamming apps

Other Dodgy Behaviour, Now Absent

No Activity In Over A Month

Not Much Interaction

  • Not active yet – fewer thans 10 tweets
  • Don’t interact with Anyone

I won’t show you the report as it has everyone’s avatars and twitter user names and that wouldn’t be fair – but the good thing is that it shows two green arrows to show if they are following you back and a red arrow if they are not.

So what I usually do is start with the red arrows, and I see what categories people are in and if I want to unfollow.

To unfollow its very simple – its not auto unfollow – you just click on the picture of the person you want to unfollow and if you do a few of them, Twit cleaner will do this over time, not a bulk unfollow, otherwise twitter would pick up on that and put restrictions on your unfollowing too many people at once.

Other tools available are…

How do I look to Twit Cleaner, which can help with your own tweeting.

I’m glad that I don’t appear on any lists, but it did say that I sometimes tweet the same URL, which is probably one of my blogs – so I’ll be careful about that.

Who Twit Cleaner has unfollowed for you – so you can refollow if you want to.

The most popular unfollows

Who has retweeted you. 

One thing to bare in mind is that, twitter sometimes unfollows people for you and some friends might actually have found their way on to this list and it might show them as unfollowed, try not to be too hasty in unfollowing these people as it may have been a mistake, I might ask first, or just tweet them about something random and see if they reply.

You can run Twit Cleaner as often as you like, and decide if who you want to unfollow, I do find this a very useful tool, and I hope that you think so too.

Another useful tool is Who unfollowed me – which you can read more about on my other blog post.

Hope this helps.