How to get a Whole Page Screenshot that you can easily annotate

//How to get a Whole Page Screenshot that you can easily annotate

How to get a Whole Page Screenshot that you can easily annotate

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If you need a screenshot of a website and you just use PrtScrn Capture or even the snipping tool you can only capture whats on your screen at that time (hence the name, screenshot) and but you may need more or even the whole page.  Scrolling isn’t an option and minimizing the screen and making the image larger can ruin the image.

There is a fantastic Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot:Capture and Annotate by Diigo which I wanted to share with you – Diigo also have another extension called Search all – which enables you to search through all search engines, but that’s another story.

If you use Google Chrome, which I think most of us do now, or if you don’t, why not? – ( I am a Google fan, what can I say)  then you may (like I did) have over looked this extension or you may not even know how to find extensions or apps for chrome.

Edit – Screen Grab for Firefox

On checking 21% of my views are by Firefox users and a helpful gentleman Len @PetersNewJobs has said that a similar great product for Mozilla Firefox is Screen Grab. 

How to add the Whole Page Screenshot to Google Chrome

  • Go to The Chrome Webstore
  • Type in search – Whole page Screen Shot
  • Click Extensions
  • There are many here that capture screen shots but the one you want is
  • Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate.
  • Click Add to Chrome then click add.
  • Then it should appear in your task bar on the right hand side.

How to get a whole page screenshot.

To get the screenshot you require, click on the extensions icon.

You will see three options

Click Capture Entire Page, it will then open in another page where you can annotate the page. 
Use the tools at the top to annotate with rectangle, circles, arrows, likes and text. You can also crop, and scroll and show crop area, erase, copy and paste to gmail when you are finished.
Click done and save.
Save on Google Drive, as an image file, copy to clipboard or print.

How to remove extensions from Google Chrome.

If you have added this, or any other extension and you are having problems with it or have just decided you don’t want it any more, extensions are easily removed
Click Customize and Control Google Chrome – Top Right icon with three lines
Click Tools – then Extensions.
This will bring up your Extensions page, to remove the extension click the Bin, or if you just want to disable it – click the box to remove the tick from enable, and it will disappear from your task bar but if you want it again, just put the tick back to enable.
A little insight into the world of Google Chrome and extensions, if you haven’t tried any extensions yet, I suggest you have a look at the choices  it makes Google Chrome a very resourceful web browser.
Hope this helps



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  • I do not use Google Chrome and most of us do not.  I don’t because Google cannot be trusted. 

    The entire purpose of the company is to collect as much information about people as possible.  Then it is for sale to anyone that can buy.  Or for free, if a government agency hints they might like to have it.

    Remember, if the “service” is free, the product is you.  That’s why I do not use Google for anything, not email, search engine, nothing.

    • Confuscan

      James, considering that ALL the major browsers are free, what exactly do you use to access the Internet?

      •  Fair question, accurately worded.  I am impressed.  Most of the time, I use Firefox, sometimes I Safari.  Personally, I like the add-ons for FF better. 

        Yes, I do use “HTTPS Everywhere” and I do not patronize any social media groups such as Facebook.

        • Michelledh

          Thanks for your comments, I have replied but it hasn’t shown yet.

          I have now added a Firefox screenshot program to the post, to help Firefox users.

          Thanks again.

        • Confuscan

          Fair enough. Given you concerns with privacy, you may be interested in this site, sponsored by EFF that shows just how much information about you that your browser automatically shares with websites. In many cases, your browser “fingerprint” is unique, enough to track and identify you. It is totally independent of the browser and is information made available to any website you visit.

          It’s the Panopticlick project. Details can be found here .

          Try it out. I recently compared my results which showed me to be unique out of 2.7M tests.

          •  Thanks, I have used something similar.  I forget what it was, but,as I recall, it was a web site.  It showed more connections that I thought I would have but still rated me far better than most.  Since then, I have gone to https everywhere and added Ghostery.  I should look it up and check again.  Thanks for reminding me.  😀

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