It wasn’t me! Twitter admits to unfollowing for us

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Twitter has confirmed that there is a known issue which seems as if it is unfollowing our followers.

Well, what they actually say is that it just appears that your friends have been unfollowed but really they haven’t.  However this doesn’t explain why you cannot dm users that you know that you were following previously.

The first comments on this page from this Twitter support blog are 6 months old, of which there are 345 comments – so I assume thats how old the post is but still we have this problem.

People say a fix is to reload the page, it doesn’t show those users as unfollowed anymore. I haven’t tried this yet.

However, its good news to know that Twitter to acknowledge the fact, as its pretty embarrassing to say – I didn’t unfollow you, it must have been twitter – yeah sure!

Mind you, now its a good excuse to use, if say you unfollowed someone by mistake or in the heat of the moment! ha!  No, of course I wouldn’t do that!

This unfollowing is not a new issue, it has been going on for years.

I myself have noticed an increase over the past few months, I very rarely unfollow people so I know its not something I’ve done.

I have some questions for you…

  1. Have you noticed that you had unfollowed people, that you know you would never have unfollowed.
  2. Did the user tell you that they had been unfollowed or did you notice?
  3. Did you notice if your follower count changed?

I’d be interested to find out these things, if you wouldn’t mind taking the time, to just answer them here. Thanks.

Hope this helps.