Scam Alerts – Facebook, Girl killed herself scam & Twitter email

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There are two scams flying around the internet, one on Facebook and the other is a variation on email scams, designed to hack.

Facebook – 

Girl Killed Herself on Halloween After Dad Posted This on Her Wall – The scam link shows this picture.

This is just a rerun by scammers of the past which as usual is spreading deathly fast! Excuse the pun! It actually has the cheek to ask you to share and recommend it before you’ve even been taken to the link to see if it is real.

As usual this doesn’t take you to a video or even an update but to a online survey. I’d like to say luckily enough as who really wants to see whatever that content is. The picture is gruesomeness people!

Twitter email scams

We have seen and are getting other reports of various scams being sent via email – pretending to be a notification from

The message either says,

  • You have been banned or blocked on Twitter (I got this one –  Funny as I was already logged in when I received it)
  • You have an unread direct message
  • You have 1 unread message
  • You have changed your email address

Or something similar – of course this is designed to make you curious to think what you have missed or done and so you click the link.

These links aren’t connect to at all but appear to be a Phishing site that will manage to get your password when they ask you to log in.

The best thing to do, is not use notifications but to just log into twitter the normal way and see if this is in fact true.

Also I am going to add once more – please do not click messages in your DM folder that say something like

These are all spam scams, don’t click them as this compromises your account and they will just send out the same messages to all of your friends.
If you notice that messages are going out from your account that you didn’t send –
Revoke access to any third party application that you don’t recognise
Change your password
Update any 3rd party apps that you do use to log in after you have changed your password.
And remember to delete all of the tweets that were send out, and maybe apologise and warn others.

Okay, I just felt that might need saying again, as I we are seeing many people getting caught by these DM’s again.

Hope this helps,