Step by Step – How to use Triberr

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Many people have been confused about the recent changes in Triberr and are asking how to use it now.

This post has been written for them – I was going use video – but I think its explained in two screen shots.

First – Log in to triberr  (I’m assuming these particular people have accounts and profiles set up) 

Click – Home (Ringed at the top here)

You will then see your Tribal Stream (Make sure this is lit up white under your name)

Under there it should say Oldest on top and Show All Tribesjust to be sure we are all on the same page. 

To read the post you just click the title.

Click – Approve (the big red button) This will put the post into a queue – mine is set to one post every 34mins – actually I prefer 1 hour – I’ll change that and show you as well. 

Click – Load Social Buttons – to share on other networks other than just Twitter.


When you have clicked Load Social Buttons you will see the option to tweet, f-like, +1, stumble, or share on linked In.  See below. You can click these to share the post on these networks.

I always Stumble the post if it has been added to Stumble-upon. And if I really like the post or its someone that always takes the time to share my posts – I will share on google or the others.

You will notice the Red Approve button is now Blue and says Approved.

You can also click the thumb to give some +Karma

Then you just move on to the next post which is directly underneath and do the same thing.

To change how often posts go through your twitter account

Click – Your user name top right – Settings – Content Settings

You will see there Maximum frequency you’ll share tribemates posts.

Change it to what you would like.

There has also been some problems on the Triberr site this week (which is why I’ve had that post for 3 days! ) but Dan has said that it should be all sorted out now see –

You can also auto post again – but that costs bones now, and you wouldn’t be able to share on other networks.

Hope this helps..

If you need further help or this wasn’t what you were expecting, please just ask me.

Thanks .



  1. I just started using Triberr a few days ago and think it is a great site. Got a lot of traffic out of it already, but I found that you definitely need to understand the way the site works or you won’t get nearly as much. Thanks for the tips!

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