Tuesday , 27 September 2016
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The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

We’ve been waiting for this from Google for a long time, since the speculations (inside information) around SXSW in March came out about Google circles. We thought then it was just going to be Google circles that was to take on Facebook but The Google+ project looks much bigger than we thought circles would ever be. Google plus is invitation only ... Read More »

Trendy New Emoticons for Facebook Chat!

For those of you who use Windows Messenger (MSN) Yahoo or other instant messenger clients, you would be used to using the animated or exciting emoticons//smilies/little pictures that they provide. I feel they are fun and amusing to use when chatting with friends. Also sometimes you may want to just to reply with a dazzling smile or a cheeky wink. ... Read More »

Very Cool Desktop Facebook Chat Client – Chitchat

If you use Facebook chat often then you might want to think about downloading ChitChat – its a cool free Facebook chat instant messenger (IM) that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop. The great thing about it is that you don’t even have to open Facebook, its right there on your desktop at all times, like Windows live messenger, ... Read More »

Facebook’s ‘new’ messaging system.

What it means in brief. Seamless Integration. 1. Seamless messaging  – integrated: Facebook chat, email, IM and SMS- “mix and match”, just one click to decide how you will send or reply to any format of message.  2. Conversation history – Not entirely a new idea but again, integrated. Keeping all of your conversation streams together. 3. Social inbox  – containing 3 boxes ... Read More »

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