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How to remove a contact from LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional social networking website with over 200 million members, its a great place to manage your professional identity and to engage with people on a professional level.  So why would you want to how to remove a contact from LinkedIn? People are usually careful about who they connect with on LinkedIn as its not the same as other networks it is usually for ... Read More »

How to delete a photo or your Twitpic account


Recently I was asked how to delete a photo from Twitpic and also how could you delete the whole Twitpic account, so here are some instructions. To delete a single picture from Twitpic  Log into Click – Home here you will see all of your photos that you have posted on Twitpic, here you will see a bin icon, click ... Read More »

How to delete a blogspot or blogger blog.

Blogger is google’s free tool for bloggers to create their own blog website. It is very simple to set up and you can have many blogs using the same account. Blogger will host this blog on for free. (Which is the difference between Blogger and Blogspot by the way) Its very easy to use, mostly with guides and instructions. ... Read More »

Delete photos on (NEW DESIGN) YFrog – Part two

I wrote a post not so long ago about how to delete your photos from YFrog; due to the fact it took me a little while to find out. I’m pleased to say, that this post has helped out many people. Recently I received this comment. Whocares Looks like they’ve rebuilt the interface because i couldnt find any dropdown menu or ... Read More »

How to delete a photo from Yfrog

I recently had a problem where I needed to remove an image for a friend from Yfrog, which is used to post photographs and videos to Twitter. It wasn’t immediately apparent how to remove the pictures, so it took longer than it should and yet its quite simple, just different to what we are used to. Edit: I have now done ... Read More »

Bulk Delete DM’s

People are always asking me or asking on Twitter of a quick way to bulk delete DMs, as its rather tedious to delete them one by one.  I’m always giving out the link, so I this maybe more helpful. What you need is DM Whacker.   From @dacort DM Whacker is a brilliant little bookmarklet that deletes all of your ... Read More »

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