Monday , 26 September 2016
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Nokia N8 – Can’t Connect To Gateway – My solution.

This wasn’t the first blog about the Nokia N8 that I expected to write after WomWorld/Nokia sent me a mobile phone to trial, so I can review. However even though I’m slightly embarrassed that I took a while to work this out, I thought this little post might help others. When I first got the Nokia N8 2 days ago I didn’t have ... Read More »

Problems with Google Chrome?

You are surfing away, googling some interesting sites when all of a sudden, Chrome starts to say This web page not available and you check the error message and it says……… Error 10 (net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED): Unknown error.HUH!  Well … …this doesn’t appear to be a problem with Chrome but it seems as if it is either a firewall or anti virus ... Read More »

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