Monday , 26 September 2016
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Whitney Houston Scams – Be careful what you click

  Whitney Houston Scams As usual when someone dies, the hackers, scammers, cyber criminals use it against us. They know we are weak, they know we are not paying attention. They know we are all fighting for new information or great tracks… What happened? Why did it happen? Is it true? What is going to happen? I love that song! ... Read More »

Empire Avenue – The social networking game! Addicted already!

Today I started an Empire Avenue account and have just spent far too long playing it; yes, something else to get addicted to. The Social Media Exchange Empire Avenue is a social networking game that allows you to buy and sell your friends and indeed gain new friends. This is the same as friending or following users. It actually launched ... Read More »

Person Folder – A NEW Social networking site!

What is Person Folder? Person Folder lets you keep track of your friends and connections the way YOU want. Its a brand spanking new social networking site;  users may create a personal profile, both public and private, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by ... Read More »

Facebook questions !

As you may have noticed, yesterday Facebook announced that Questions is soon going to be available to everyone. They explain: Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer. Questions evolved because they realised that often users statuses were a question, like “Where is the best place to eat in Leeds?” Or What film should ... Read More »

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