Sunday , 25 September 2016
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Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users again

hoax message (1)

I’m sorry to be writing about Whatsapp again so soon and I’m sorry that it’s about yet ANOTHER Whatsapp hoax message but I had to warn you that there is a new scam going around – because I’ve seen it so many times already!   Its similar to the last one Whatsapp 4.0.   This Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam is fooling users ... Read More »

Another WhatsApp hoax, David D Suretech

Another WhatsApp hoax DAVID D SURETECH

Every time there are changes, on something like Facebook or WhatsApp the tricksters try it on again. There is, yes another WhatsApp hoax fooling users and its really just a reworded version of the last whatsapp hoax message  and the one before that….  This time they are using the recent down time to fool users in to thinking this is ... Read More »

Here we go again – Whatsapp status – hoax message

  It seems that Whatsapp are having a few problems today – as their account on twitter called Whatsapp status suggests WhatsApp Status ‏@wa_status WhatsApp status functionality is currently not available. We are working on resolving it soon-ish… So on the band wagon the spammers jump…… they changed a recent hoax to be applicable the status problems –  It explains this is why ... Read More »

Facebook Private Messages appearing on Timeline isn’t Privacy Bug

TechCrunch alerted readers that private messages were appearing on Timeline as posted by friends.   I think people might actually be getting paranoid about Facebook privacy now. I must say I’ve never trusted it either.  So is it a hoax or not? Today we read a post created by Techcrunch – They said that private messages were appearing on your timeline, they ... Read More »

New Facebook Scam – Oakleys Sunglasses Hoax

There is a new Facebook scam that promises you a Free Pair of Oakleys Sunglasses. Its not from Oakley sadly, so no free sunglasses, just a hoax. Slightly different to all of the other survey scams we have discussed. The message appears on your friends wall, so you think it must be safe he has done it, wrong! To celebrate ... Read More »

Switch to Pink Facebook Hoax Spreading Fast

Message appearing on Facebook claiming to change your Facebook Pink, is a survey scam There are ways to switch to a Pink Facebook using Chrome which you can Google for but there is a link spreading on Facebook at the moment, which is a hoax. Title – Switch to Pink Facebook (Limited Time) The link here is the same as ... Read More »

Facebook Gold Membership Hoax

The Gold Membership hoax could now cost money!  Fake “where to pay” sites are appearing. Facebook users have been warned that facebook charging scams  like this are circulating, they are FAKE.  However people are still sharing these things –  I’ve seen facebook pages and messages with a link to a website to pay your money – don’t click it, and ... Read More »

Facebook to start charging – spam spreading again.

No way! Since the beginning of this year there have been various rumours about Facebook charging as from August 2011. There have been groups started up and posts shared. This week we are seeing another type of  hoax viral message circulating Facebook that reads… This looks like the old chain mails you used to or maybe do still get reporting ... Read More »

Valentines Day Hoax on Facebook

With Valentines day just around the corner you can guess what the hoaxers, scammers and spammers are using to annoy us now. Scammer’s DelightPromises of finding your valentines or what gifts to get your lover, anything to prey on your weakness is what they are good at. I’ve seen one person get caught on one so far, hopefully my friends are now taking notice and NOT ... Read More »

Facebook Closing?! How to back up Facebook.

Due to a now viral message, everyone now believes that Facebook is closing down on 15th March? LOL Oh really? They’ve just got $500 million investment from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies but that’s not important right now,  apparently its all too much for Mark Zuckerberg and he’s closing down. Its not a funfair at Hastings that hasn’t been running well for 3 years… ... Read More »

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