Tuesday , 27 September 2016
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The death of Old Twitter is upon us! #saveoldtwitter

  It’s almost a year since Twitter announced that it was changing to a newly re-engineered  They said you will be able to use it as a preview for a few weeks. You’ll be able to switch back and forth for a few weeks to get used to how it works. I love new things, so I eagerly rushed ... Read More »

Don’t Panic – New Twitter will be back!

  There is a big commotion on twitter right now, as the New Twitter design has gone – vanished – disappeared, everyone has suddenly been reverted back to the old twitter. There are tweets for and against its return, but mostly people are just shocked.   However Twitter support has issued this information… We’re temporarily disabling #NewTwitter. Our engineers are working on re-enabling ... Read More »

Twitter Problems – Including Error On Page fix

Several problems posting tweets to Facebook and Twitter this weekend … its not Fail Whale its Fail Snail! They tweeted that they were having problems with and API access but they  have now stabilized it. Since then we have seen people complaining of missing tweets or tweets taking from any thing upto 15mins to appear in the time-line, ( this I know ... Read More »

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