Yahoo Email Phishing Scam – Account Exceeded Limit.

Account Exceeded Limit

A Yahoo email phishing scam is being sent to our in-boxes again.  The email looks like it comes from Yahoo admin and informs you that you need to upgrade your account as you have exceeded your limit of 30GB or you will not be able to send or receive email.

This is a phishing scam.


What is a phishing email

We have seen many of these on social networks lately – there have been phishing scams on Twitter, Hotmail, Facebook, and many more, and the object of the hackers game is to fool you into giving them your personal information, such as username, password and even worse credit card details. These scams don’t always come via Email it can be on instant messages or private messages on various networks. Once you give this information, they have control over your account.

How can we tell its an email scam

As luck would have it – I knew instantly that this was fake basically because I rarely use this account and never save anything there, I’ve probably used 30kb not 30gb;  Another tell-tale sign is that cyber criminals almost never put your name its usually to the account user, this is because the same email has been sent to hundreds of other people. Often the spelling is bad and its usually a threat to scare you into acting right away.

You can easily see that the email is not from Yahoo when you click to upgrade – you will notice that  URL in the address bar its not Yahoo but a website called this is where you will be sending the information when you click the link.

Sometimes this URL will be changed to something that looks real. It could be that the link itself could contain malicious software, you may be able to hover your curser over this link to reveal the real one.

The best thing to do if you get anything at all asking for your password via email is first Google it, if you can’t find anything about the scam, then contact company that you believe it is – via their numbers/emails on their website and ask them directly.

What to do if you have been phished

from the Yahoo Security page……

Help! I think I’ve been phished!

If you think you’ve given confidential personal information to a phishing site, then follow these guidelines to help prevent your information from being used illegally by fraudsters. Do not delay — fraudsters can move quickly to take over your account and do substantial damage.

I think my Yahoo! ID was phished!

If you think you entered your Yahoo! ID and password at a phishing site, then follow these steps:

  • Change your Yahoo! password immediately. Here’s how:
    1. Type in your browser’s Address bar.
    2. Sign into Yahoo!.
    3. Click on the Account Info tab.
    4. Enter your current password.
    5. On the Account Info page, click the Change Password link near the top of the page and follow the instructions.
  • If your password no longer works, tell us so we can start the account recovery process.
  • On the Account Info page, verify the rest of your account information; be sure any contact phone numbers or secondary email addresses are correct.
  • On the Account Info page, go to “Update password-reset info” and change your questions and answers.
  • Report the phishing email or web site that tricked you!

Do not give out your email or password easily – it might not just be an email phishing scam, watch out for anything that asks for personal information – For instance: It could be a popup on your PC that says you have viruses and need to scan your PC thats when they say its going to cost you to remove it.  Links in Pop ups to me are the same as Auto DM’s in twitter with links, avoid like the plague.  Do not click.

Hope this helps – be careful out there 🙂








Where are my DM’s #Twitter

There have been an increasing amount of complaints regarding missing dm’s, lost messages, direct messages on Twitter recently and there are likely to be a few more in the next few days.

Twitter has deleted some users DM’s – Direct Messages.

Its okay, its just a twitter bug, they do know about it ….

Twitter Support says

Bug Alert:

  • Some users are currently experiencing an issue with direct messages disappearing, without the sender or receiver deleting them from their inbox.
  • Some users may experience a delay in DM delivery. A notification may arrive to your email inbox, but the DM won’t appear for some time after the email delivery.

These are bugs, and our engineers are hard at work to solve these issues. Follow @support for updates!

Also while we are talking about Twitter, there is another Phishing Scam going around that says Twitter is going to charge do not click this. Its similar to twitter scams where one t says, Is this picture about you, and Is this blog about you – these are still spreading like viruses after more than 6 months because people keep clicking them.

So if you do ever get your DM’s back – do not click suspicious links, it may look like its come from your friend but ask them first if they have sent you a link, as they won’t even know if its a Phishing scam.

Hope this helps


Twitter News – Activity Arrives and A Hack Attack

Twitter news…

You may have heard that Twitter has launched another change on; I’ll keep this brief as you will see for yourself soon enough.


This shows favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people that you follow – this is next to @mentions, which now has your @name and retweets has gone  – this is being rolled out slowly as not everyone has it yet.

I’m not sure about the usefulness of this yet, it makes it harder to see your retweets – but at least it is on another page and you have to click to see it.   One thing maybe to remember is that everything you do now, show’s up in picture form for everyone to see, well maybe not EVERYTHING 🙂

Some people are loving these new changes in Twitter, but some say its ruining what we once  had, simplicity – I do have to agree.  I wonder what your view is, do you like these changes from the #oldtwitter to the new?

In other news……

New Phishing Attack

There is another new Phising attack coming to your DM folder  it says

 Someone is posting a pic of you all over twitter

This is one of those that is intending to get your account details and then repost it to everyone in your address book as as DM – if you click on it and have Google Chrome, which you should have by now.  Very similar to the  Is this your in this picture – photo scam.

Chrome says this ….  I’m glad it worked as I wanted to show you this page.  Although you cannot see the link on the DM it says that has been reported as a phishing site.

We should be used to these by now, and should avoid clicking like the plague, I almost reported this person for spam as it looked that way but he obviously just got caught.

 All I can say is don’t click it – it just keeps it going.  And change your password and tell people not to click, if you have

Hope this helps

Warning! Twitter Scam – Is this blog about you?

There is another Phishing scam going around Twitter.  This is similar to the “Is this you in this picture”  and “Is this you in this video”

You get a DM asking Is this blog about you with a link – here is the one I revived today.

People are saying that when you click the link it takes you to a twitter log in page, it then takes over your account and sends out DM’s to your friends from your twitter account.

Think before you click!

The danger is that these DM’s are from friends and you don’t think about it when you click as you wonder – ooh am I featured in a blog?

If you have clicked on this, you need to change your password immediately and try to warn the people that you have DM’d not to click the link.  I sent a message to the above account to tell this this is happening, as that is the other problem, you don’t actually realise right away that it is happening.

Update – I’ve also received the “This gotta be you in this picture” scam today …

He realised soon enough and sent out this message to say he was hacked

Same as above, change password!

Hope this helps.


Is this you in this picture ? Twitter Phishing scam!

This is an old MSN scam which has now reached Twitter – the MSN scam was  trying to get  your credit card details and any other personal details, so I’m a bit wary of this one on Twitter.

Its spreading fast as you can see from these Tweets …..

Its coming through as a DM from one of your friends, which makes you think its real – but its not of course.  When you click it, it Dm’s your friends.

Don’t click

If you have then check your approved applications and remove anything dodgy looking –  change your password and do a scan to be on the safe side.

I will let you know more, when I find  out more information.

In the meantime, better to be safe than sorry and do the above.

Hope this helps

Twitter Viagra scam DM spreading fast

There is a new Phishing scam or spam DM spreading quickly around Twitter at the moment,  seemingly a direct message that is sent from your friend  says…… (or similar)

“I got huge discounts on Viagra, cialis and more, no prescription needed.”

This is what twitter are saying ……..

I didn’t click the link myself so I’m not sure where the link takes you, although hopefully Google chrome would have warned me as it is pretty secure.


Please don’t click it, as it will be DM’ed to many of your followers – and this will keep it alive!

I personally, never click any links that are DM’d to me, without knowing about it first.  They are either spam or self promotions, both of which should not be in my DM box. If there is something to say @ me –  If I do get something I am not sure of – I ask the sender if they meant to send it, on this occasion I asked as a joke as why would someone send me something about Viagra 🙂

If you have clicked this and sent out DM’s – I suggest changing your passwords and quickly explain to your followers to stop them unfollowing you for spam.

Please share this post – so we can stop this.

I will post if there is any more information, thanks.

Hope this helps