Wednesday , 28 September 2016
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Social Network Emails – Your account may have been compromised – What to do.

Users are still concerned after receiving emails saying that their accounts might have been compromised or the one entitled –  Important information regarding your security and privacy from social networking sites –  Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The problem arose when Zendesk  who store and organise emails for customer support and help desks for these social networks had their systems hacked. Zendesk believe that ... Read More »

Email scam Alert for Lloyds TSB Bank

Another old fraud scam has been found in my inbox for Lloyds TSB bank.  Lloyds TSB was targeted a few years ago with this bogus scam and it looks like the scammers are trying again to extract personal bank details with this phishing email which gives you 24hrs to respond. Phishing email supposedly from Lloyds TSB The fake email says This e-mail has been sent to inform you that your account will be deactivated within the next 24 hours due to several unsuccessful login attemps on your account. ... Read More »

Hotmail Account Alert Phishing Scam #windowslive

HOTMAIL ALERT I can’t believe this old fake phishing scam to steal your hotmail account is still being sent – its a variation of a spam email from years ago – but this has better English apart from a few spelling mistakes –  and is possibly going to catch more people out. We’ve seen these types of phishing scams on Twitter ... Read More »

Where are my DM’s #Twitter

There have been an increasing amount of complaints regarding missing dm’s, lost messages, direct messages on Twitter recently and there are likely to be a few more in the next few days. Twitter has deleted some users DM’s – Direct Messages. Its okay, its just a twitter bug, they do know about it …. Twitter Support says Bug Alert: Some ... Read More »

New Facebook Scam – Oakleys Sunglasses Hoax

There is a new Facebook scam that promises you a Free Pair of Oakleys Sunglasses. Its not from Oakley sadly, so no free sunglasses, just a hoax. Slightly different to all of the other survey scams we have discussed. The message appears on your friends wall, so you think it must be safe he has done it, wrong! To celebrate ... Read More »

Whitney Houston Scams – Be careful what you click

  Whitney Houston Scams As usual when someone dies, the hackers, scammers, cyber criminals use it against us. They know we are weak, they know we are not paying attention. They know we are all fighting for new information or great tracks… What happened? Why did it happen? Is it true? What is going to happen? I love that song! ... Read More »

Facebook Gold Membership Hoax

The Gold Membership hoax could now cost money!  Fake “where to pay” sites are appearing. Facebook users have been warned that facebook charging scams  like this are circulating, they are FAKE.  However people are still sharing these things –  I’ve seen facebook pages and messages with a link to a website to pay your money – don’t click it, and ... Read More »

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