Verify your account Facebook scam

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There appear to be three very similar facebook scams going around at the moment, all with the theme of Facebook Account Verification, and if you don’t verify your accounts, something nasty is going to happen. Not that you will fall in a puddle of mud, but much worse, your facebook account will be closed.

Well, what can I say …… this isn’t true – your Facebook account is not going to be closed if you don’t verify your account, pay money or move to Scotland.  Its a scam. And its pretty   harsh one, these guys not only want you to spread it all around but they want you to allow them access to your account, to hack or steal your information.   You might see something like this

This is a request for permission, you see that at the top, by clicking that blue allow button you are allowing the things on the left, which include….

  • Access to your basic information – Name, picture, gender , networks, user ID, friends list, and any other information that is public.
  • Access to your profile information – Birthday,  hometown, City and Facebook Status.
  • Access to your photos
  • Post on your behalf – This means they can post status updates, photos or anything they like.

Always be careful when clicking that button….. regardless.

It doesn’t end there apparently, you are then taken to survey scam and we all know about survey scams. 

I believe this has all come about since Facebook said in February that they will start offering account verifications to user with a high subscriber counts.  This means celebs, and to verify your account according to Mashable you will need to send in photo ID, birth-cert and credit card. And they don’t even get a nice badge like on Twitter or Google.

Anyway so there are your hints.

  • You aren’t famous (well, mostly likely not)
  • Your Facebook account won’t be closed.
  • You have to send in ID not click an app link.

Also you usually verifiy your account when you first join up by adding a mobile number to your account, this gives you added advantages, some you will need if creating your own page. You can do it at any time though.

But Facebook will never message you about this.

See here for more information – Verifying Your Account

I hope this helps, please share this around to the younger members of your community as maybe they don’t have the advantage that we have of seeing this stuff before.

I have to say – Facebook are getting pretty good at stopping some of these hackers or scammers whatever you want to call them – one of these only started this morning and facebook has taken it down!! These others are there though and no doubt there will be more..

Take care out there.

Hope this helps