Webfluential are connecting Influencers and brands in the UK

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webSince it came out of beta in 2014 Webfluential have been making it clear that influencer marketing is not a trend its here to stay and it works, and this is why Webfluential are connecting Influencers and brands in the UK.

Because people listen to other people.

Webfluential is an online platform that connects brands to social influencers and/or social influencers to brands.  Its a great platform for influencers to provide brands with the reach they need to generate more sales and for influencers to make money through their blogs and social networks they have worked hard to build.

Who are social influencers

Are you unsure you fit the bill?

A social media influencer is usually measured by a their online reputation.  They are measured not always by the amount of followers, as you don’t need thousands of followers to be a social influence but you do need reach – influencers are usually re-tweeted,  they get likes, they get comments and views to their blog posts and engagement on their social media posts. Basically they have resonance and relevance, on social networks, which might be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, others, all or just one.

Brands can find you through Klout or Kred and use that to gauge your score – as usually the higher the score the better the influencer, but these systems don’t always work. as there are too many gamers disrupting these scores and they can miss the real engagement that is happening on your networks.  So if you have a lower Klout score but feel you have something to offer Brands, then Webfluential can help, and also if you have a high score too!

Webfluential have their own way of finding out your social score, and who you should be connected with. Their algorithms measure influence by looking at each individuals reach, resonance and relevance by interpreting the number behind their social interactions.


Why brands need social influencers.

Social influencers have connections, they have people that listen on many social networks. Influencers share their own views about products and services online. Consumers prefer to hear what other consumers or customers say brands.  Thats why we as social influencers are important.  People do not want to follow the business or brand to listen to them broadcasting about how good they are they want other people to test, report, tweet and review the product or service.

I often just tweet about a great service I’ve received or not received and as a consumer will search the networks for what others have said about a company before I buy.  Maybe you do the same thing, you might write blogs about products or post instagram pictures or videos, this could mean you could get rewarded for doing this.

Are you a social influencer ? You can apply to be found by brands here on – Webfluential Influencer Application page

It can be difficult for brands to find the correct social influencer or to know how to approach them to help with their campaign and the influencer might be unsure how to charge for these services this is where Webfluential come in.  Webfluential takes care of all of that and takes your your information and finds the right brands for you.

Webfluential are connecting Influencers and brands in the UK

This is a win win situation for the online influencer and the brand: The blogger /influencer gets to create some great content and are rewarded for their hard work as they should be, and the brand can sit back while everyone else does the work. It is such an easy system and it works so well.

When influencers do a job via webfluential even all of the paper work and invoicing is sorted about through the platform, you don’t even have to chase down payments from the brand. Webfluential handles all payments, and influencers receive payment 30 days after the completion of the campaign – all the blogger/influencer has to do is create great content and share it, or what ever the brief requires, and you don’t have to accept jobs you are offered you can pick and choose.

Disclaimer :  I am right now being paid to share this information with you, so you know it works.

The great thing is, is that it costs influencers nothing to join Webfluential however influencers do need to have a minimum of 1000 twitter followers to apply – you can apply here Webfluential Influencer Application page  So there is nothing to lose, you fill in your information and wait for the work.

All you have to do is first apply – the complete your profile and add your networks, add what you would like to be paid for each platform and Webfluential will then work their magic, find out your scores and connect you to the relevant business or brand, its really simple and easy to do.

Check out the Webfluential Blog for more information.