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WhoisLive is LIVE – See who is browsing any Web page!


On 26th of July a new phenomenon went live – it is called WhoisLive !!

 For the first time ever, see who is browsing on any Web page. Chat, get tips, share links, and meet new people with similar interests. Use the Web like you always do, only now, see what happens when you can see Who is Live!

Is the claim  from whoislive

See edits below ! 

After you have downloaded the extension or add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer (Chrome coming soon, very soon I hope) you can see other people that are viewing that page and chat with them in real time – pretty much like an Instant messenger. Of course the other users have to have downloaded and installed the extention too, so it will take a while to reach its full potential, but it could mean lots of new ways of networking with people.

Say you are on a fan page website and you want to ask someone a question without having to post to a forum and having to wait for an answer, you can ask right there and then, or just any website that you need support on. 

How exciting is that!  You don’t have to allow them, you just interact with anyone that is on the same page as you! The options are endless with this new way of chatting!

You can only see one page at a time and if you are not on that page you won’t get alerts or anything, its all realtime!

The personal information they will see is your full name picture and a link to your Facebook profile. (hmm)

You can use whoislive on any web page, even Facebook, I wonder what that will be like on twitter? However, another good reason not to use Facebook chat. 🙂


To get Whoislive go to

And Click on Download WhoisLive

Follow the installation instructions that come up, very simple and clear!

When it is installed – you have to sign up with your facebook account, and allow many permissions, which I’m always really fussy about actually  – but OK I will try it out.

 Whoislive is requesting permission to do the following

  • Access my basic information
  • Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.        
  • Send me email
  • Whoislive may email me directly 
  • Post to my Wall
  • Whoislive may post status messages, notes, photos and videos to my Wall
  • Access my data any time
  • Whoislive may access my data when I’m not using the application

You accept this and then you can see who is on the website. Easy as pie to set up.

Sadly no one on the site was talking so I didn’t actually get to chat to someone, and IE was clunkey as that is just how it is. I have a random bit of code (?) something there at the side of the chat menu that wouldn’t go anywhere but it was operational. You must understand that this is still in Beta and any problems will be ironed out.

I tried a few other pages but there was no one else there. I’m sure as this gets more popular it will be lots of fun.

To conclude, I will revoke access to this for the time being and wait for a Chrome version when hopefully the Facebook permissions will be different.  I’m not confident about something that needs to post anything to my wall and have access to all of my information.  Its a real shame for me that it even has to have anything to do with Facebook.

However as Mashable says – Yes, you can see who is looking at your Facebook profile, if you camp out there all day and all night and if they also have WhoisLive.  So you still won’t know if your ex is stalking your facebook profile as anyone viewing it in secret won’t exactly have WhoisLive on. 🙂

However,  Facebook has always stated that that will never allow an application to do this – Quote:  Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile or any part of your profile. Applications cannot provide this functionality.  So will this eventually be blocked?

Edit: A little piece of goodnews – you can actually remove Whoislive’s permission to post to your wall AND email you, but it is required however to access ALL of your information.

Go to Account – Privacy settings – Apps and websites – edit your settings.

From @WhoisLive Twitter account –  We are working on other ways to allow people to sign in – stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated!

My question to you is, is this a new phenomenon or are there other applications that can do this?

Edit – I have been informed by many people – (you may wish to read my comments) that this isn’t new.  Someone pointed out that is very similar – one of the differences is that you do have to buy  and I am not sure if this is from ANY WEBSITE or just your own.  Now someone has mentioned Stormdriver too. I have asked @Whoislive for a comment on this – will keep you updated.

Whoislive answered shortly after with this.

Have fun – if you try it out – I will be waiting for the “other way to sign in”

Hope this helps


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  • Shared, LIKED, stumbled, DIGG’d etc ALL over the place! YeeHaw!!!

  • Shared liked G+ but didn’t join who is live…

    • Thanks very much.  You don’t fancy it ? 🙂

  • I’m not sure Who is Live can really claim “for the first time ever…” Hasn’t this capability been possible in some form or another for years? Facebook, Google, Wibya, et. al. allow similar functionality. 

    • Maybe I didn’t explain it clearly – you can see who is on ANY webpage – as long as they have the addon- Any page at all – your own website, your facebook profile, any page you are looking at you can see who else is looking at that page. Thats a first right? 

  • James Butcher

    Thats Really cool!

    • thanks for comment 🙂  It is cool yes. 

  • James Butcher

    Thats Really cool!

  • James Butcher

    Thats Really cool!

  • So interesting! I +1ed it! 

  • Anonymous

    So interesting!! I gave it a +1!! (PS: You can delete my other comment)

  • Great info!

  • Very cool, gonna try this out. It isn’t a new concept but it used to be really difficult to do this in the past. Thanks for the tip.

    • Really I have never seen anything where you could look at ANY – thats any website and see in REALTIME who else was looking at it – someone else said this too – what applications were previously used?  And you are welcome 🙂 

      • Sterling has one Whoon – looks very similar. 

  • Nice. We use a similar service called

    • oh yeah! how similar is it?  is it just a mobile application?  it is similar oh  but its not free, okay so three people now have said this I’ll change the intro, thanks guys. 

  • Excellent!

  • Excellent!

  • Thanks for sharing! 

    • Any time 😉  thanks for visiting 🙂 

  • The concept of seeing other people live on a website as you browse a page AND be able to chat with them AND share links is something I have not seen produced successfully. I tested a Chrome extension that partially did this, Marginize. The difference here is you can see what people have socially shared about the site but the site itself i snot really that social when you look at people’s profiles. It is pretty cool to “check in” to a website and, like Foursquare, earn badges and claim guru of a website. 

    I’m always concerned with the number of apps that require all access to the Facebook account and only offer signup through Facebook. The amount of data given away and maintained is sometimes too much to let go depending on the potential I see from using that particular application. Hopefully they do come out with a Chrome extension, but I may be staying away from yet another app that needs to know all about me via Facebook.

    Thanks for sharing your test drive experience!

    • Thanks, yes that concerns me too – and it actually makes me steer clear of certain applications, but its is beta, so we’ll see, thanks for your views 🙂 

  • Interesting; didn’t realize there was ways to do this. Thanks for sharing!

    • go2openweblayer

      Actually, they are not the first startup to explore this direction. There is also a large web application in an alpha stage that offers the same functions – you can see who’s on a same site and you can see where your friends are this very minute. But it also offers some additional, clever functions, like website recommendations based on what people with similar web habits liked. 

      It’s called StormDriver – some more info here:

      • Really, thanks I’ll check this out – I’d not heard you could do it before – and their claims suggest not also. Did StormDriver not take off then? 

      • Thanks for the info!

    • thanks for comment : )

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  • I’ve never heard of this. Love all the interesting info you share 😉

    • Thanks very much 🙂 Glad to help 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, thanks for sharing

  • Mike DeHart

    A big part of me is super excited for something like this to catch on, it’s definitely a revolution in how we experience and interact with people online.

    A tiny part of me thinks we’re heading down the path of never leaving our computers and seeing that I’m laying in bed typing this comment on my phone, I think I may already be too far gone.

    • Yes, I know what you mean.  Privacy is always an issue with me, but at least with this you have to have the application to be seen.  I wonder if the time will come when you don’t.  Thanks for comment Mike : )

  • @LStacey

    This has been done a million times before, never caught on then and won’t catch on now.

    • I’ve never seen it quite like this, but then if it didn’t catch on maybe that is why 🙂  And has it ever been free?  It won’t catch on all the time you have to sign up with Facebook anyway. 

  • John Son

      “Its a real shame for me that it even has to have anything to do with Facebook.”  Not just a shame, but a gamebreaker for me.  I do not use facebook;  will never use facebook.  Will not join facebook just to get access to this tool.  Very much a shame ‘coz it would be useful, if only I could register my identity with a handle and password rather than a facebook identity.

    • Yes I think its a shame too – but for your reason mostly – they said they are looking for an alternative, not sure if thats been found yet. 

  • Entus

    Might I ask u a question ? … If others who don’t have Whoislive, can I see them checking my facebook profile or not ? … 😕

    • No Entus,  you can’t see them unless they have Whoislive too, so pretty useless to check for stalkers as they wouldn’t be stalking with that on lol 🙂 


    Thanks interesting

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