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  • I was suspended briefly for aggressively tweeting unsolicitedly. I also went over a tweet limit, but I’m not sure what the limit was and am not allowed to tweet for a while, I don’t know how long. I am certain I did not tweet 1000 times, so I must have broken the lots of tweets in a short time period rule. This is the first time I’ve ever been suspended and I feel a little foolish.

    • Hi Deanna

      Its nothing to feel foolish about – most people are shocked if they get a suspension – or blocked for a short time – I am not sure what the hourly limit is now as they have changed it and it doesn’t say in the help section – which is a shame, it would be good to know.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Lionsroar

    I got suspended on the 5th November 2013 and I’m still suspended now 11th November 2013. I have no idea why I got suspended. I have followed the appeal process but I’m still waiting for a reply

    • Michelle Harris

      Gosh that is a long time, I hope you get it sorted out soon!

  • hgoor

    How would one find out why your account got suspended? There is no procedure for that: so how does one find out?

    • Michelle Harris

      Hi, Usually they will send you an email before you have been suspended to warn you – they say but everyone I’ve spoken to hasn’t got this email. However when you appeal it they will write to you sometimes they will tell you why – unless it was a mistake. Then I don’t think they say anything.

  • Trish

    Second time it has happened to me now. My new account, I followed 5 people, made 5 tweets, and got suspended for absolutely no reason. Have also sent tickets, and got no response back from Twitter. Like others, I am familiar with their rules.

  • Mezcal Turis

    I only joined last night, tweeted a few auctions from Listia and am suddenly suspended. I didn’t even have time to ‘spam’ of follow anyone except 3 or 4 I watch on YT. The only posts I had was for the auctions.

    • A friend had exactly the same thing happen recently – followed about 30 people did 10 tweets maybe – and boom suspended, got it back in about a week after asking Twitter to un-suspend. Very strange – I have no idea, how that was picked up for suspension.

  • Stacy Sorrell

    within 1hr of creating my account i got suspended. even though i ONLY followed 32 people, and ONLY sent 31 tweets… i was entering competitions either RT’in or tweeting a link to the comp on someones blog ….as i said 31 tweets only !!! approx 12 were RT’S, 10 were links the other 9 were normal tweets i replied to the RT so i wasnt ‘over RT’ing….just dont understand

    • Stacy the same happened to me on another account – it was a mistake – but it took a week to get it back after contacting twitter 🙁

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