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Twitter account suspended?twitter account suspended

More and more users of Twitter lately are finding their Twitter account suspended. Sometimes the reason for this is unsure, its behaviour that is picked up by a bot.  I for one get nervous when friends are getting suspended and they have to fight to get their accounts back so I have been checking out why this happens.

There has been recent twitter update that banned the use of service that allows following or unfollowing in bulk or an automated manner which seems to have caught many people out.  It seems its not just using them as auto but just using the apps to find accounts to unfollow is enough to get you suspended, which is a bit of a worry.

I wonder if this means that Twitter will be bringing out its own service very soon, which will carry a charge. Charging for previously free services seems to be the way to go these days.

Twitter says

[box type=”shadow” ]Please note that Twitter does not permit any automated or bulk following or un-following behavior. You are responsible for what happens on your account, which means you shouldn’t give control of your account to a third-party – retweeting spam updates, repeatedly posting duplicate links, etc will get you suspended[/box]

 What are the Twitter follow limits?

Technically you can follow 1000 people per day – however you cannot use an app or aggressively follow and unfollow people to that amount. Personally I would never go anywhere near that number of people I’d follow in a day, the most I do is probably 50. But then I’m not in a race to get followers, on my account I’ve mainly just followed people back when they follow me.

All this is a darn shame as I have just started to use Justunfollow which is a really handy program, which I mostly use to weed out inactive users that haven’t used twitter for 6 months, (when in fact I shouldn’t even need to do that as twitter says it will remove your account if it’s not used for that amount of time).  Now it seems we could get suspended for just using that service.

Why did I get suspended on twitter?

Other reasons…

You are allowed 1000 tweets or retweets per day… but if you were to put the bulk of this into one or two hours then you would most likely get blocked. Usually the account is only blocked for an hour or so and twitter will inform you.

Twitter discourages automatic retweeting of other users based on a keyword these accounts could get suspended. We already know that certain rules on IFTTT are banned yet some people still use it to get around the Twitter rules, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Get followers fast

These services and apps have always been frowned upon by twitter and so they should be, they are mostly spam and not real accounts, why would you even want them?

Twitter support say

[box type=”shadow” ]Avoid third party applications that promise to get you many followers – these usually break our terms of service and can get your account suspended.[/box]

Constantly tweeting people with a link in an attempt to bring attention to an account is not allowed.

There are so many rules on twitter it is difficult to keep up – but it seems safe to say stay away from Auto follow sites – and do not do anything aggressively. It seems to me that its OK to Tweet, follow, share links, RT others, as long as you aren’t using apps or doing one thing all of the time in a short space of time; aggressively … mix it up and be real, make sure you post updates as well as RTing etc.

The thing that amazes me the most is that although Twitter says that Auto DMs are discouraged it doesn’t say they they are banned – or you will get suspended when using them, why not?! These are ALL spam and no one wants them!  (Although these auto DM’s are created usually by the apps that follow and unfollow accounts, so… really this is not allowed)

What to do if your Twitter account does get suspended.

If you do find that your twitter account is suspended which it will say at the top of your account when you log in. (Beware emails saying your account is suspended this can be a scam email)

You can appeal and usually all you need to do is to say that you have removed the auto apps and that you will stop the offending behaviour.

Appeal your Twitter suspension here – Twitter support

Edit – Well it finally happened to me after 4 years on twitter.  I didn’t think that I violated any terms so I’m not  sure how I was picked up, I thought the random suspensions had stopped.  I didn’t get a warning email from twitter, I just noticed when I tried to post something.  So I immediately posted a ticket to twitter support at 12.30 at night – then I posted another one in the morning.

I am happy to say that within 20 hours of suspension I have my twitter account back – although after being suspended my twitter followers and following are showing at Zero – although I haven’t lost the followers they are still there – I’ve read that this can take 24 hours to come back.


Have you been suspended lately ?  Whats your story? Do you have more information that could help us keep our accounts?