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Will Google take on Facebook / Going round in Circles!

What’s going on? We are going around in Circles here!  

There has been numerous reports today informing us that Google are going to launch a new social network called Circles. where you will share pics, videos and messages and will be a rival to Facebook.

Many people believed that it would be announced today (Sunday 13th of March 2011) at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin today. We first read about it on ReadWriteWeb  this morning.   Since then All Things Digital reported that A representative for Google told NetworkEffect unequivocally that no such service is launching at SXSW today. She would not say whether something called Google Circles was in the works.

To further put the rumours to rest the tweet came from @googlesxsw
So I guess that’s the end of that, for today.
Rumours are now speculating that it is due to be launched in May, or that it was a all a complete fabrication based on some very lose comments by various people.
After Wave and Buzz however, people in my twitter stream are commenting that Circles or any other Google Social Network won’t ever be good enough to compete with Facebook as Google don’t seem to understand social networking, I would like to think that Google have learnt by their mistakes and eventually we are going to see something pretty amazing.
I’m interested to see if this Google Social which is a complete list of your social circle, (Chat buddies, contacts, Google profiles or connected accounts and even secondary connections, including posts from Google Reader) is in some-way connected. as all of the information is already there waiting.
PS If you are at SXSW be sure to see Jimi’s Parade on Thursday.
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