Saturday , 25 April 2015

Funny iOs game Man or Goat

man or goat header

I discovered this seriously crazy and funny iOs game Man or Goat on Twitter which is in Beta testing right now and I had to try it out. I’m not sure if it was a Dev asking for testers for a chaotic farce of a game out that tempted me or the video I saw, which showed that it was absolutely crazy. Man or Goat for ... Read More »

20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome


I recently posted some more in-depth tips for Google Chrome and due to the popularity of that post here are 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome. Its good to get into the habit of using keyboard shortcuts if you can, its just faster and simpler to do many things. I like Google Chrome – Google say its fast, simple and secure – although, ... Read More »

Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App

Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App

It is so exciting to watch a Meerkat live streaming video while CMO of ZulaAPP – Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App, I had to share the recording with you. What is this Meerkat App? If you use social media, watch TV or read the news then I think you might have heard of the Meerkat App by now its been ... Read More »

Unauthorized Access to Twitch Accounts


Today users of Twitch received an email telling them that there has been Unauthorized Access to Twitch Accounts – and that people are to reset their passwords. At first users might be concerned that its a fake email from Twitch or that just their own account was hacked but no, its seems all users got this email.  And worse still it ... Read More »

Brain Training with Monclarity

Brain Training

 A few months ago I tested out a new website – brain training with Monclarity.  Monclarity is a website that claims to strengthen your brain with a series of tests. We can all do with more brain power right – so I signed up right away. MONCLARITY’S MISSION. We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, ... Read More »

Facebooks Other Inbox You Might Not Know About

FAcebooks other inbox

A friend recently brought it to my attention that people do not know about Facebooks Other Inbox  Your “Other” folder contains messages that Facebook has filtered out of your normal inbox and some of these messages might be messages that you did want to read.  You can change the settings on this to be less strict, read on to find out ... Read More »

How to Delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail

social meda

Many people use Gmail for emails and they don’t want  Google+, YouTube, or a Google profile – well here is how to delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail. You might not have even noticed that by signing up for a Gmail account you actually have a Google+ profile – you can tell by looking at the top right of your screen when ... Read More »

Make Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate


I love animated videos so when I was asked to try out the Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate I jumped at the chance. We all know that video is a very important part of Social Media Marketing – it really can increase your engagement on social media. However, although I love creating videos  I am pretty useless at making them myself, I usually ... Read More »

The Difference Between a Cyber Stalker and a Cyber Bully


What is the difference between a cyber stalker and a cyber bully – The differences are minimal except the cyberstalker is irrationally obsessed with finding out more information about you which they then twist and manipulate to get what they want and the cyberbully is usually referred to when a child or teen is involved like the bully at school – which is no less ... Read More »

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